We Just Got Settled Here in Hermitage

We were thinking about getting one of those three bedroom Nashville apartments at first, but that made no sense after we thought about it. The other people in the complex simply are not going to be happy with us rehearsing and we have a lot of work to do. So we had to have a place which was set off away from the neighbors and big enough for all of us. Of course John has been here for a couple of months and he had a place of his own, but when we found the house he sublet it to another musician that he knows. This place sits on about four acres of land pretty close to the Cumberland River and so we could pretty much make as much noise as we want without it bothering anyone. There is a highway close by, so the bigger issue is that we need to eliminate external noise if we want to really get a clean recording of the work.

It would be better if we were closer to the club, because we have gotten a steady job as the house band at a large nightclub in downtown Nashville. If we had out choice we would want to live within walking distance of the place and all of the other bars around it. That would be ideal, but we have a lot of rehearsing to do. John has already gotten me a little bit of studio work, but in each case it is obvious that they are just trying to avoid paying the top studio bassists here. There is certainly no lack of guys in this town who can hold down the bottom better than I can. Of course they all want to be paid like top session musicians are paid and I am happy to get paid at all.